Due to extensive experience and qualified staff, we offer a wide range of batteries, wheels and brakes (steel and carbon) maintenance. “Aviadynamics” LLC is certified for:

1. Full inspection, maintenance and overhaul of aircraft wheels and brakes of the following manufacturers:

  • BF Goodrich
  • ABSC/Meggitt/Dunlop
  • Honeywell/Bendix
  • Messier-Buggatti

2. Periodic maintenance, regular check and overhaul, of aircraft batteries of the following manufacturers:

  • SAFT
  • Varta
  • Marathon
  • Concord
  • НКБН

High qualified staff provides component maintenance, overhaul and testing, which includes: non-destructive testing methods, full cycle of maintenance, repair, modification, painting, heat stack change, bearing cup change, bushings installation and others. “Aviadynamics” LLC has strong relationships close contact with spare parts and tires manufacturers.