Aviadynamics LLC demonstrates a high level of quality standards in their principles of maintenance and repair of components under the SAAU and EASA supervision constantly more than 15 years.

 Certificates of Part-145 approval and a wide range of the organisation capability list give the opportunity and hope for future development and achievement of new goals.

 “Quality Management System and its continuous improvement principles it’s a culture. The culture is how we as a company perform our everyday work in the best way possible—the culture of ambition to improve. I like the saying “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – in aviation, such principle sets the ground for maximizing safety”, shared Dmytro Kryvitskyi, Quality Assurance Manager at Aviadynamics LLC.

 “Aviadynamics Team has a great spirit and drive – and I am glad that we can support and empower that open-minded drive and spirit with defined purpose-built and efficient processes and mitigate risks, which enables us to perform our daily tasks and duties with 100% focus over and over again with 100% accuracy, making Aviadynamics safe, reliable, efficiently functioning supply chain for our customers”, shared Vitalii Malenko, Accountable Manager at Aviadynamics.