Aviadynamics LLC has successfully confirmed and extended its EASA Part-145 certificate


The confirmation process included a scheduled EASA audit to prove compliance of Aviadynamics LLC with applicable EASA requirements for quality, safety procedures, and maintenance capabilities. In the course of the audit, the company demonstrated its strict and exact compliance to EASA standards including maintenance process structure, equipment/tooling availability, staff qualification level, as well as the professionalism of the management team.

The EASA Part-145 approval makes Aviadynamics LLC an advanced and completely independent MRO provider that offers the entire scope of maintenance for a wide range of aircraft components in the internal and foreign aviation markets. The company is fully capable of providing its customers with services of any complexity, including general overhaul.

“Prolongation of EASA Part-145 approval provides new opportunities for the company to develop its business in the field of aircraft components maintenance. Our team did its best to obtain such an approval and to demonstrate the highest organizational level to EASA. Aviadynamics LLC is poised to offer high-quality services to its customers and to establish mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with them,” said Vitalii Malenko, Accountable Manager of Aviadynamics LLC.